Social Login – Advantages and Disadvantages

Social Login is a type of login where a user is allowed to use his social profile for logging into a third party application. Most commonly used social logins are Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Linkedin. Social Logins eliminates the user to remember another login credentials. By selecting the desired social networking service, the user simply authenticates the third party to use his information for registering his profile.Social Logins

Advantages of Social Login

  • Easy login – Login with fewer steps
  • No Password – Eliminates need to remember another username and password
  • Easy on Handheld Devices – Removes the pain of entering username and password on mobiles which is not easy for all
  • Personalised Information – Social logins enables business to provide personalized Information
  • Engagement Friendly – Helps business to engage better as, the data from Social sites provides a better understanding of users eco system
  • Simplifies Registration Form – Makes registration simpler by allowing some applications like job portals to fetch data from the social sites and pre-populate on forms

Disadvantages of Social Login

  • Non-active Users – Social login alone cannot be the mode of registration as many users would not have a social profile. This forces a fallback mechanism like email or mobile registration to be added.
  • Lack of Trust – Not all users have trust on how their personal data would be used by the third party
  • Memorability – Sometimes remembering which social profile was used could be a challenge if a user has too many profiles and has no usage pattern in place.
  • Security – Security risk could be high, in case the accounts are hacked. The same account could be linked to multiple applications or services and is a easy target for attack.
  • De-activation Issues – In case, the user de-activates or deletes the social account, the third party application becomes inaccessible if there is no fallback mechanism planned by the service.
  • Inaccuracy – There is no process in place which can check the accuracy of information posted on social profiles

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