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Registration and login screen is perhaps the most viewed screens for web surfers. As an interaction designer, we need to understand how this screen can make or break an engagement with the user. It’s important to understand the intent of asking a user to register.Amazon Registration

  • Why should the user register on the app or website?
  • Can user achieve his goal on the application or website even without registering?
  • Does the user need to visit the application or website again? If yes, what value add will the user get by registering?
  • Does the application store Personal Information/Data?
  • What is the required level of engagement with the user?
  • At what stage of the application, should the user asked to register?

I have put in some stories or scenarios below. These stories could help one, think over and try to understand the intent of registration from the user and business perspective. Discuss with your friends or colleagues, debate and have a good learning.

Story 1: Jay is planning a trip to Goa. He is surfing for information to plan his trip. He reaches a knowledge sharing website, which has the information that he needs, but is asking him to register himself on the website to proceed. Intent of the website is to have all users contribute any information that they have to build up the knowledge base.
Think over:
Is having a mandatory registration a good idea?

Story 2: Rani is excited to about the New Year sale on ShoppersStop website. She is a first time visitor to the website. She visits the website. The website asks her permission to save the cookies. Rani starts looking through all the products of her interest. She then adds some items of her choice to the cart. She is a little confused and wants to take some time and check back the next day.
She logins to the site again the next day, goes to the cart, views all the items, makes a final decision and proceeds to payment.
Think over:
Should Rani be a registered user to complete shopping?
If yes, what would have been the ideal stage where a registration should have triggered?
If no, what should be the alternate plan of engagement?

Story 3: National Public School, Bangalore has developed a web app, which would be used only by parents, school staff and teachers. It would be used to publish any interesting topics, achievements, announcements and so on.
Think over:
Should there be a registered process for web app users?
If yes, what would be the registration process and at what stage? Can parents use their social logins to register?
If no, what should be the alternate plan of engagement?

Hope this section has provided some understanding the intent of having registration process.
Please write to me on more questions that could help an Interaction Designer arrive at the right decision.

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