UX RESEARCH, Interaction Design, Visual Design

Leave Management Application

This is an app concept designed to ease the Leave Management System of an organization.  In the app we factor in workflows, approval process,  dependencies on related groups and impact on various other process such as Payroll, Exit Management and so on.

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Logistics App for Dairy

Yum Dairy(name changed) is a dairy farm located around Coimbatore. Currently their products are farm fresh milk, curd and ghee door delivered to the homes in Coimbatore. Their products are delivered in glass bottles, which are sterilized, hygienic and more Eco-friendlier.
The logistics team takes care of delivery management. The current app is supposed to ease their delivery process and management, enable accurate reporting and enhance customer satisfaction.

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Event Planner App Concept

This is a concept planned, based on experiences of the attendees at a Conference. The names used for the app, persons or conference do not exist in reality. For the sake of preseting my portfolio, I have picked up a small problem to be worked on.

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UX Research, Interaction Design, Wireframes

Web App concept for Travel Agency

A third party visa agency “Flyair” assists people preparing them for their visa interviews for various countries. In order to do this they created a real-time embassy environments world wide and they give trainings for the people before going through the actual procedure. However, in this process, to reduce the effort of their staff they need a creative yet simple solution to improve their productivity.

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Inventory System for NEEV

This app won the second runner price at GHCI 2015.

This app concept was provided as part of the Hackathon challenge and was delevloped for NEEV an NGO in Shivpuri.

We developed this app considering the literacy levels of the employees, the environemnt they work with. We have used minimalistic design approach.

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Idea box for Innovation

XYZ Systems is a private limited company which is into Security Software domain. The Management had realized that the employees has very good ideas which were discussed, but was not being implemented as they were not tracked and followed up. They want to build a platform which would allow employees to submit their ideas. The submitted ideas would be reviewed, approved and prioritzed by senior leaders.

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I would be glad if you would have a look at some more of my design works, and projects on Behance website. Most of the projects that I worked on have NDA, hence,  I have put in similar case studies of the projects I have woked on. Have a glance and let me know your thoughts...