Roopa V Rao

When empathy and creativity are a person's core nature, what better career choice could anyone make than getting in to UX.

I was born in an orthodoxed South Indian family, where women were broomed to be good homemakes. We were trained to be creative in our thoughts, understand and cater to the needs of every family member and trying to find a solution for each of their problems and needs. Empathy, creativity, team work, multitasking and commitment were the core skills that were developed as we grew to keep the family in sync and progress. Never did I guess these skills of a homemaker would take me ahead with my career.

A little more about ME...

What started off as a passion for design became my career choice. I started my career as a UI designer and have worked in different design roles. I have total of 13 years of experience working as Interaction designer, Visual designer, UX researcher, UI developer and UX Architect. Click on the button to know a little more about me, my skills and career ...

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Gurpreet Khandpur
Program Manager, Mindtree

Roopa has been an excellent team member to work with. We had a very short association, yet she managed to leave a strong impression with the assignment at hand. She worked relentlessly for customer satisfaction with a very demanding client. She has been able to deliver on multiple focus areas such as accessibility, feature delivery on both interaction and visual designs, team guidance on design language setting, etc. The team benefited a lot due to her delivery and due to the process that she helped settle with the client. Thanks Roopa and wish you success in all your endeavors!

Source: Linkedin

Shajith Kunnumbrath
Technical Lead, McAfee

I had the privilege of working with Roopa Rao in Consumer Division for more than six years at Intel Security. She is very passionate and has great vision for her work. She focus keeps everything moving smoothly, she makes sure all the deadlines are met, and makes sure that whatever project she is working on meets the highest standards.

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Rishab Manocha
Director of Platform
Engineering, Upworks

Roopa was always wonderful to work with; she always knew what she was talking about, was always punctual with the work she did, always had good recommendations when considering various options and was eager to help whenever someone asked for it. She would be an asset anywhere she goes to work.

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Joe Cremona
Landmark Engineering

Roopa is a hardworking professional with a good focus on detail. She could be depended on for following through on a project and completing set tasks. I always appreciated Roopa's proactivity in expanding her skill sets both within the scope of her assignment as well as looking beyond the immediate job at hand.

Source: Linkedin